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About Dhofar International Medical Center

Established in year 2010 Dhofar International Medical Center is a leading health provider in Salalah, Oman. We provide dedicated and quality health care for our patients at affordable costs. DIMC is a multi-specialty specialized health center where a competent team of specialists and sophisticated technology come together to deliver high-quality medical services. Launched in January 2010, DIMC has taken off in rendering excellent health care and support services.

We make every effort to reach out to the community to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible. This is the commitment that defines every aspect of the clinical care at the (DIMC), Oman.

Our motive is in rendering a fine fusion of the cardinal principles of holistic care and hospitality with the three-pronged approach of courtesy, compassion, and competence.

Vision and Mission details

Our vision is to provide high quality health care to all sectors of the society with the integrity and ethics.

When it comes to personal health care, people from various walks of life, from cultures and lifestyle significantly different from another, does have certain unanswerable questions which need the minutest understanding and explanation which will make you decide whether or not to take a step outside your motherland. In this regard, we at Dhofar International Medical Center take a complete care of answering every question that you would like an answer to that best satisfy you.

Highest Quality Care

Director’s Message

In Dhofar International Medical Center, we thrive on serving both the local and international communities residing in Salalah, providing personalized attentive care in a state-of-the-art medical facility and the very best care for our patients. Our strategic objective is to ensure excellence in all healthcare services for our patients and the community, and work hand in hand with other public and private hospitals. Our mission is to provide the best healthcare, to everyone in our community. That means safely serving our patients and their families and creating the best possible environment for everyone that visits our Medical Center.

Dr. Sunil Prasad, MDS, Managing Director.